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TMT Wire Machinery
Stirrup Machine (WB-12)
EC-608 (6 to 8mm)
Advance 812 (6 to 12 mm )
Mac -812 (6-12mm)
BM - 32 (upto 32mm)
Plain Wire Machinery
Super-500 (1.6 to 5mm)
Super-1000 (5 to 10mm)
Super-2000 (10 to 16 mm )
Super-500-EMB (1.6 to 5 mm)
WB - 12
Stirrup Making Machine - Wire bender WB-12
WB-12 is bidirectional Automatic Stirrup Bender suitable for Hot Rolled as well as cld rolled TMT wire. Machine is Equipped with Electric Servo Motors. The Capacity of Machine is To Produce Stirrup from 6mm to 12mm TMT Wire.
WIRE : 6 to 12 mm
Speed : 130m/min
Max Bending Angle : 135 °
Bending Radius : R 10mm
Applicability : TMT Wire
Straightening Mechanism
There are Horizontal and Vertical straightening mechanism given in machine. Each mechanism has 11 rollers. With the help of digital position indicator, operator can adjust the rollers very quickly and precisely Digital memory can give pprecise setting of 0.1mm.
Human Machine Interface
Setting Parameters like Diameters of wire, Number of Pieces to Produce, Actual Production, And tool Selection.
Memory of up to 100 Different Shapes
Possibility of Automaic and as well as manual Operations.
Auto-diagnostics for identification of any Machine Faults.
Machine Configuration.