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Stirrup Making Machine
stirrup making machine

Stirrup Making Machine Gujarat

We at Veer Machinery provide a wide range of premium quality stirrup making machines. These are available in a range of sizes and shapes with customization options. It can be also built as per client specifications to be shipped and exported to another country. Our manufactured and supplied machines are known for their longevity and durability. It can be briefly explained as the one with automatic bend angle control. There is also hydraulic mechanism provided in order to ensure effective bending whenever required.

Our machines are also equipped with stopper flags for bend control between the bends. Similarly, the presence of multiple bar bending feature would be also a bonus for the owner or user. The high speed bending action is also an added specification which would benefit the user. The equipment is designed to automatically accomplish the full functions of the rebar’s feeling, bending, cutting and straightening.

You are welcome to continuously bend different stirrups of the plane figure. It has several applications in the rebar manufacturing and construction industry. They are known for accurate processing precision and high efficiency. It is a machine with the ability of emergency stop, convenience and safety. Our machines go through multiple rounds of quality testing before reaching the customer. It is shipped to other countries only after receiving proper certifications through multiple rounds of inspection.

Our range of machines has the ability to resolve a number of problems owing to their potential and versatility. It ensures mass development of the stirrups with no restrictions, their bending to almost any angle, along with the capability to deal with shapes of stirrup with no difficulties. Not to worry, for our machines are well designed to give different angles to thin plates, wires and rods. We deal with a number of clients including but not limited to:

    • Companies engaged in making springs
    • Steel plants
    • Small scale manufacturing units
    • Bending wires maker

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