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MAC 812
TMT Wire Straightening Machine - MAC 812
It works on the principle of bi-directional straightening with a set horizontal and verical rollers, it is high production machine which is inteded to mmet the high volume market of TMT wire rod.

This Model is specially suitable for construction industries with cut length requirment and flexibility with accuracy , The Machine is very suitable for onside production.
Wire Range : 6 to 12 mm
Wire Speed : 50 mth/min
Power consumption: 10.5 H.P.
Weight : 2500 Kg
Applicability : TMT
No wastage as base material is in coil form.
Stock can be maintained and controlled easily.
Cut to length production by integrated PLC control.
Maintenance free design.
Machine occupies comparatively less space on site.
No foundation required so can be transferred from one site to another easily.
PLC controlled hydraulic operation of machine.
Ready availability of spares and replaceable parts.
After sales service and maintenance.
Rib protection by heavy duty front roller system.
Accurate straightening by heavy duty rollers.